Invocation #1


Invocation #5
Oil on canvas. KPB Stevens 2018. go to to buy.

I’m part of a group show that will be opening at Saint Philip’s Episcopal Church in Columbus, OH on May 19th.  We drew on William Blake’s poem “Pentecost” for the theme and title of the show, which we’re calling Unless the heart catch fire.

Playing with that theme, I thought about the many morning walks that I take through my neighborhood.  I practice mindfulness as I walk, and often try to form prayers from the things that I see – a kind of spiritual collage.  For awhile I’ve called these prayers invocations, since they’re mostly about naming the ways in which I see God’s activity in the world.  As I prepared for the upcoming show, I thought about how images could be invocations, too.  Here’s the first of them, with more to follow.

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