Lazarus Illustration

Here’s an illustration of Lazarus coming out of the tomb that I did for Holy Week.  It has what I can only describe as the Dante problem, i.e. hell seems more dramatic and interesting than the heaven that Lazarus is moving towards.  The two suffering souls are borrowed from Gustave Dore, so I guess you could say that the other problem with hell is that it’s derivative.  If I redraw it or paint it, I think I’ll change hell to a much drabber, impersonal place.

One thought on “Lazarus Illustration

  1. Hi there love this artwork truely looks stunning and a great representation of it. I am look at contacting you in regards to using this for my sound cloud electronic music page link here and was wondering if i can use this peice or get you to recreate this piece with just two people walking up the stairs i will leave my email address for contact and look forward to your reply.

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