Experiencing the Easter Story through Improvisation & Creativity

On Saturday, May 17th a group of youth & adults met at St. Philip Episcopal Church in Columbus to play improv games and make movies that would illustrate the Easter story through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.  We called our retreat “Chocolate & Awe.”  I designed a series of cards so that we could all be leaders.  We sat in a circle, and participants would draw a card and lead the activity on it.  After we’d thoroughly examined Mary Magdalene’s story, we used another set of cards to take on different pre-production and production tasks, which resulted in the creation of two fabulous movies.  Thanks to all the participants, particularly the enthusiastic & brilliant youth.  A slide show with specifics of the event is below, as are printout sheets of the cards we used and one of the two movies that we made (we’re waiting on permission from the actors in the live action movie before we post it)!


chocolate & awe printout

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